American Analog Set's 'Know By Heart' Gets Deluxe Vinyl Reissue

American Analog Set's 'Know By Heart' Gets Deluxe Vinyl Reissue
Austin's American Analog Set have had their 2001 outing Know By Heart out of print for a number of years, but anyone who missed out on the vinyl pressing the first time around won't have to hunt down a used copy on Discogs for much longer. A new vinyl reissue is due through Barsuk Records this June.

Previously issued by now-shuttered Tiger Style imprint, the Barsuk version of Know By Heart — the ensemble's fourth and arguably finest full-length — will be served up on 180-gram wax, with a gatefold jacket flaunting previously unseen, era-appropriate photos and liner notes.

As for the music, the physical record contains the album proper, but a download code will give listeners an additional 21 previously unreleased demo recordings tracked during the Know By Heart sessions. As you will see in the tracklist below, three tracks have not appeared in any other form or on any other release.

Recorded between the Austin homes of frontman Andrew Kenny and Tom Hoff, Know By Heart has become a fan favourite over the years, with devotees including Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew and Death Cab for Cutie leader Ben Gibbard, who covered the set's "Choir Vandals" for his HOME: Volume V split EP with Kenny in 2003. Arts & Crafts also went on to issue American Analog Set's swan song, 2005's Set Free.

"Know By Heart is a criminally underappreciated indie rock classic of the last decade," Gibbard said in a statement, adding, "Death Cab would not be where we are today without the influence of this great Austin band."

Know By Heart:

1. Punk As Fuck
2. The Only One
3. Like Foxes Through Fences
4. The Postman
5. Choir Vandals
6. Gone To Earth
7. Million Young
8. The Kindness Of Strangers
9. Know By Heart
10. Slow Company
11. Aaron & Maria
12. We're Computerizing And We Just Don't Need You Anymore

Unreleased demos:

1. Punk As Fuck (January 2000 Demo)

2. Secrets (January 2000 Demo)

3. Amish Rake Fight (January 2000 Demo)

4. The Postman (January 2000 Demo)

5. Desert Eagle (January 2000 Demo)

6. I Got the Ice in Me (January 2000 Demo) *

7. New Equation (March 2000 Demo)

8. Secrets (March 2000 Demo)

9. Ice Age (March 2000 Demo)

10. Holly (March 2000 Demo) *

11. Choir Vandals (March 2000 Demo)

12. Million Young (March 2000 Demo)

13. Ted Knight (March 2000 Demo)

14. The Kindness of Strangers (May 2000 Demo)

15. Slow Company (May 2000 Demo)

16. Warm to the Blade (May 2000 Demo)

17. The Postman (May 2000 Demo)

18. Aaron & Maria (May 2000 Demo)

19. Math (June 2000 Demo)

20. Journey to the Center of the Earth (June 2000 Demo) *

21. Computerizing (June 2000 Demo)

* previously unreleased song