Aluna Launches New Record Label Noir Fever

First signing Montreal collective Moonshine have teamed up with Amaal Nuux, Vanyfox and Aluna for the debut Noir Fever release

Photo: Claire Farin

BY Nika Petrosian Published Nov 8, 2023

Aluna, half of UK electronic duo AlunaGeorge, has launched her own record label called Noir Fever in partnership with distribution company EMPIRE. Noir Fever's inaugural signing, Montreal collective Moonshine, are behind the label's debut release, the new single "Pain & Pleasure" — featuring Amaal Nuux, Vanyfox and Aluna herself.

According to a press release, Noir Fever was born out of Aluna's frustration with the dance music industry and its lack of representation of Black and queer voices. The label will champion Black dance music, with a special focus on Black women and LGBTQ+ artists.

Launching the label is a key component to Aluna's strategy of "sustainable and effective change" to make the Black dance music a more inclusive space. She explained:

Investment in the recording side is essential to fostering emerging talent and by focusing on Black women and the queer community, I can ensure that everyone is being uplifted. This label will work in tandem with my events company so that those who I am opening doors for are not simply walking into another closed door, I'm trying to create a path not an opportunity to slip through a crack.

On their debut single for Noir Fever, Moonshine fuse "a Batida groove with an R&B grace, representing a love and synergy that can only be found on the dance floor," according to the collective. The song will be featured on their upcoming mixtape, set to be released in early 2024.

Listen to Moonshine's "Pain & Pleasure" below.

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