Alexisonfire vs. 80s Action Cinema

Alexisonfire vs. 80s Action Cinema
Southern Ontario-based fans of screaming, yelling, and / or pretty melodies may recall when Alexisonfire rolled into town in mid-December on the same day as the first major snowstorm of the season. While Torontonians are notoriously wimpy when it comes to winter weather, Alexis bravely soldiered on, as did most of their fans; but for those of us who chose to stay bunkered inside of our warm, not-snowy houses, they kindly scheduled a make-up show. Seriously. A make-up show for a show that wasn't even cancelled. How nice are these dudes? We appreciated it.

Much thanks to Greg Benedetto, the man behind Alexis' 2007 Tour Journals, for suggesting the incredibly fruitful topic of 80s action movies. When I asked Greg if there was anything he could think of, off the top of his head, to quiz the band about, his immediate response was an all-caps "EIGHTIES ACTION FILMS!" He was stoked. The band was stoked. I was stoked. There was a lot of healthy stoke-age going on.

Let the record show that these boys know their action movies. To a somewhat terrifying degree. It wasn't even a quiz for them, so much as a good-natured chat in which I was asking a lot of questions about things they were more than happy to teach me about. In fact, at the end of the whole thing, Dallas Green told me that if I was ever in a bind regarding some piece of 80s cinematic trivia, I should just give him a call. And I just might.

Sam Sutherland

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