​Alessia Cara Releases New Single "Growing Pains"

​Alessia Cara Releases New Single 'Growing Pains'
Alessia Cara set the wheels in motion for her upcoming sophomore album when she teased the lyrics to a new single. Now, "Growing Pains" has finally arrived, and you can hear it below.
"I figured sending little pieces of each lyric to the fans and having them piece it together would be a cool way to not give too much away right away but also give them a chance to read the lyrics and figure out the meaning as they put it together," Cara tells Exclaim! "It was just a way for me to know that they really know what the song means."
And what exactly is the meaning behind that song?
"This song is about going through the motions everyday and wanting to be happy and find happy moments, but ultimately going to bed at night and just feeling really down for no particular reason or not being able to pinpoint the reason," she says. "For me, the only way I could pinpoint those reasons is by calling them 'Growing Pains.'"
Details for the full-length follow-up to Know-It-All haven't been fully revealed yet, though Cara does claim that it will have a slightly different, "more mature" sound — "But for the most part it's very me, and anyone who likes my music will hopefully still enjoy this one too."
Get the first listen to the upcoming album by giving lead single "Growing Pains" a spin below.