Alden Penner

"Breathe to Burn" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jun 30, 2015

Today (June 30) marks the official release of Alden Penner's new, Michael Cera-assisted Canada in Space EP, and the Unicorns member is celebrating by launching a video behind the set's "Breathe to Burn." You can see it online now.

Like the song itself, the video is presented in two chapters. The first is scored by a gentle passage of spacey six-string atmospherics, fizzy synths and a few hushed lines from Penner, and finds a camera panning over pictures of people, branch scenes, and eagles.

Once the tune drops into a distorted pop-rock arrangement, the visuals shift to a close-up of the singer-songwriter, and an observance of underwater plant life.

You can give it all a peep down below, courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan.

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