Members of FET.NAT and VICTIME Team Up as Album

The Quebec duo have announced Album's album, 'Album,' and shared a new single

BY Matt BobkinPublished Apr 27, 2021

Olivier Fairfield and Simon Provencher have proven to be dynamic forces in the world of experimental music — Fairfield as the drummer of FET.NATAndy Shauf and Last Ex, and Provencher as the guitarist in VICTIME and as a solo artist. Now, the two Hull-based musical explorers have teamed up as a duo named Album. Their aptly titled debut album, Album, is set for release on July 9 via Telephone Explosion Records.

A self-described "experimental glitch-groove duo," Album's Album was born out of a series of freeform jams that were then cut up into samples. "It's hard to tell what's computer music and what's actually played," said Fairfield in a press release. "Our instinct was to say, 'This makes absolutely no sense, but let's make it work.'"

Listeners can hear how they made it work with lead single "Hommage å M. Cusson Pour M. Hoek," which leads off with skittering drum grooves before introducing squelching synths, buoyant bass and laidback spoken word vocals.

When Exclaim! spoke with Fairfield last year, he mentioned that he was "working on a record with VICTIME's Simon Provencher. We did some sessions a few months ago and now using all this homebound downtime to get it finished. Looking forward to putting this out." In the meantime, Provencher released his debut solo EP, Mesures

Listen to "Hommage å M. Cusson Pour M. Hoek" below.


1. 108 Mystical Edit 2K20
2. Présage Jazz
3. New & Annoying
4. Interlude
5. Hommage å M. Cusson Pour M. Hoek
6. Google Rap Hommage
7. 165 Reffrains
8. 108 Y2K Voice
9. 108 Percussion Hits (au moins)
10. Mood Allée Cinq
11. La Derniére

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