VICTIME's Simon Provencher Announces Debut EP 'Mesures'

Listen to lead single "Choix multiples" now

Photo: Charlotte Savoie

BY Matt BobkinPublished Feb 10, 2021

Simon Provencher — the guitarist of noisy, Quebec City-based dance-punks VICTIME — is exploring new ground with his debut solo EP, Mesures, which will be released on March 26 via Michel Records.

While just as adventurous and atonal as his VICTIME contributions, Provencher's new EP ventures into the world of experimental jazz, driven by clarinets and prepared guitars.

Provencher has shared the first taste of the EP in lead single "Choix multiples," which embodies its title by way of the four clarinet parts that compete for listeners' attention. The track features Provencher on guitar, Elyze Venne-Deshaies on clarinet and Olivier Fairfield (FET.NAT, Last Ex) on percussion.

Listen to "Choix multiples" below.


1. Choix multiples
2. Mesures
3. Pesée
4. Toutes ces réponses
5. Et quart
6. Repus


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