AK 1200 with MC Navigator Mixed Live

AK1200 is widely considered one of the best drum & bass DJs; he’s credited with creating the drum & bass scene in Florida and with being a pioneer and master in the field. This has allowed him to cross the boundaries of several genres and produce and remix for artists such as Keoki, Cirrus and the Crystal Method, to name a few. MC Navigator, infamous for fronting the UK big beat band the Freestylers, has become one of the most sought after MCs, working with the likes of Roni Size, Aphrodite and LTJ Bukem. AK1200 is an incredibly talented DJ, with scratching and turntable tricks always a part of his set and an ability to combine his love of breaks, hip-hop and jazz into the mix. He is also credited with playing his best when vibing off a crowd and is even better when teamed up with a top MC. Well, this could explain why, for their second release, AK1200 and MC Navigator have teamed up to come out with a live mix CD. Recorded at the Good Tyme Event Center, in front of thousands, all the ingredients are there: the tricks, the top MC, the crowd’s reaction, as well as AK1200’s current track selection. In your face drum & bass. (Moonshine)