Aidan Knight Shares Dark, Dreamy New Single "Rolodex"

Check out the lyric video for the latest track from his self-titled LP
Aidan Knight Shares Dark, Dreamy New Single 'Rolodex'
Vancouver Island songwriter Aidan Knight has a self-titled album coming out on August 28, and he's just shared a lyric video for the new single "Rolodex."

The song is a patiently paced mid-tempo ballad that contrasts its peaceful daydream synths with dark lyrics about a doomed marriage. With references to staying together for the kids and sleeping in separate beds, it ends on an especially gloomy, cryptic note.

Adding to the intriguing mix of moods, the accompanying lyric video is a single roaming shot of trees and a flowery meadow.

Check it out below. This follows the previous single "Sixteen Stares."