Aidan Knight Announces Self-Titled Album, Shares New Single

Listen to "Sixteen Stares" now
Aidan Knight Announces Self-Titled Album, Shares New Single
Four years after delivering Each Other, Vancouver Island-based singer-songwriter Aidan Knight is back with new music. His upcoming self-titled album is due August 28 via Next Door Records, and you can listen to lead single "Sixteen Stares" now.

Though it's been a while since the last time we heard from Knight, he's been keeping busy. In the years since Each Other, Knight moved to Berlin and back, quit drinking and welcomed his first child. 

While any of those events alone could lead to much lyrical fodder, "Sixteen Stares" dips further back in Knight's life, to when he was 22 years old, living in Los Angeles and trying to make it as a session musician.

"In the fall of 2008, I was temporarily living in Burbank and recording behind the Figure 8 wall mural from that Elliott Smith record cover," he said in a statement. "I got up every day ready, trying to make an impression on the engineer and producer. Each time they hit record, I wanted to give a great take. I felt so confident this was my ticket to a career in music."

He added, "Two things I saw in L.A. that stick with me: one was the church of Scientology and the other was Mel's — the diner from George Lucas's American Graffiti. The studio musician career never stuck, but if you walk two blocks down from Mel's, you can see where the song came from."

True to Knight's session player ambitions, "Sixteen Stares" features crisp folk-rock instrumentation, lyrically packed with references to L.A.

Check out "Sixteen Stares" below, where you'll also find the album's tracklist.

Aidan Knight:

1. Julia in the Garden
2. La La
3. Sixteeen Stares
4. Veni Vidi Vici
5. Mary Turns the Pillow
6. Slacker II
7. St. Kieran's
8. Houston, TX
9. Renovations
10. These Days