Acres of Lions Deliver 'Collections'

Acres of Lions Deliver 'Collections'
In case you missed out on Victoria, BC-based Acres of Lions the first time they popped up, plugging their 2009 pop rock debut Working, the troupe are now letting loose another set of songs that you can sink your teeth into. The band will issue their sophomore album Collections next Tuesday (September 13) via Cordova Bay Records.

According to a press sheet, the upcoming ten-song set takes the band's sound in a poppier direction, while still retaining the influence of '90s emo acts like the Get Up Kids and Jimmy Eat World. You can check out a video clip for the record's bouncy, "ba-ba-baaaa"-laden, finger-snappin' first single, "Reaction," below. As the clip implies, all you need to make a video are some friends and construction paper.

While the band played in excess of 150 shows in support of Working, Acres of Lions' current schedule is pretty lax, with most of their gigs taking place in their hometown. You can check the details below.


1. "Set Me On Fire"

2. "Fingers Crossed"

3. "Reaction"

4. "Kids"

5. "Forgive and Forget"

6. "Celebration"

7. "Narrow Miss"

8. "Like A Drum"

9. "All Your Time"

10. "Collections"

Tour dates:

9/10 Victoria, BC - Sugar Nightclub
9/15 Vancouver, BC - The Red Room
9/17 Victoria, BC - Big Fernwood
9/24 Victoria, BC - Victoria Event Centre (Rifflandia)
10/20 Halifax, NS - Elephant and Castle Underground (Halifax Pop Explosion)