Teens Are Suiting Up to See 'Minions 2' in Theatres

For some, it was despicable — but for others, respect gru

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jul 4, 2022

What's there to say about the Minions franchise? Well, aside from the sequel having an absolutely bangin' '70s-inspired soundtrack, the most notable thing that comes to mind is the seemingly endless meme fodder. If you thought the original film and the newly released Minions 2: The Rise of Gru were for children, please think again: they are for highly sophisticated Gen Z teens — Gentleminions, if you will.

As evidenced by a new viral trend, teenagers are celebrating the oft-postponed Minions 2 finally being released by showing up to movie theatres dressed to the nines. Surprising? Perhaps. But not as surprising as these suave kids cementing a ba-na-na as the must-have accessory of the season.

Since the movie hit theatres on Friday (July 1), TikTok has been flooded with videos of sharp-dressed youngsters — often travelling in large packs and walking with their hands held below their breasts in an enlightened manner — making a whole outing of what might otherwise be a casual trip to the cinema to see an animated flick about little yellow jellybeans in overalls.

The trend seems to have gone global, and Canada is no exception. And while some theatres are actually actively trying to ban groups of teens in formal wear from screenings of The Rise of Gru due to "recent disturbances," Cineplex seems to be very much on board with the Gentleminions and their demure charms. "If you suited up for #TheRiseOfGru, don't forget to tag us, " the movie theatre company tweeted today, sharing a TikTok made by Toronto's Bhagesh Bala.

Elsewhere in Gentleminion CanCon, we spotted those unmistakable BC vistas in a TikTok from Silverstar's Lyndon C.
@lyndon.c Despicable af 🍌 #fyp #minions #riseofgru #cineplex #gentleman ♬ original sound - billh

Whether it's sheer boredom, relishing summer vacation, hitting a new pandemic-induced tier of delusion or an iron-clad commitment to the bit, the Gentleminions of the world are absolute lads. (So long as they aren't causing actual disturbances and trashing theatres, at least; respect is a core tenet of true Gentleminionship.) It's a Gentleminion summer!

Check out more of the latest and greatest fruits of the viral trend below.

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