Our First 'Malignant' Trailer Finds James Wan Channelling His Inner Giallo

The new horror from 'The Conjuring' director gives quite the eyeful

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Jul 20, 2021

James Wan is ready to deliver his next slab of modern horror. But this time, the director of The Conjuring, Insidious and Saw is taking some inspiration from the giallo films of the '70s for his latest nightmare, Malignant.

Today, we got our first trailer for Wan's upcoming Malignant, which he directed and co-wrote alongside Akela Cooper based on a story from Ingrid Bisu.

As the trailer shows, Wan has definitely taken a page straight out of the Argento playbook, hitting on a ton of giallo cornerstones. This includes lots of stylish looking shots, with a slasher-like premise colliding with what seems to be quite the mystery. There's even some bold use of primary colours, à la Suspiria.

Down below, you can watch the Malignant trailer for yourself.

The film will arrive on September 10 in theatres.

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