J.K. Rowling Promotes Proudly Transphobic Online Store

Wild Womyn Workshop sells merch with slogans like "Notorious Transphobe," "Trans Men Are My Sisters" and "F*ck Your Pronouns"

BY Allie GregoryPublished Sep 23, 2020

Just days after stirring up controversy with her problematic Troubled Blood novel, J.K. Rowling is pissing people off again for promoting a proudly transphobic webstore.

The Harry Potter author plugged the Wild Womyn Workshop in a recent tweet after purchasing a T-shirt that reads "This witch doesn't burn" from their online shop. The slogan itself isn't the problem (even if it is "Live Laugh Love"-tier basic), it's the author's promotion of WWW — a group of individuals who are directly profiting off of oppressing trans people — that has people fuming.

The store itself is owned by self-proclaimed "anti-essentialist, gender-abolitionists" who "understand queer and trans ideology as a backlash against women and lesbian."

The store hawks graphic mugs, T-shirts and buttons among other trinkets, and is sorted by tags. One  reads "gender critical," which is another name for trans-exclusionary radical feminists — otherwise known as TERFs.

Some of the phrases used on their wares include "Transactivism Is Misogyny," "No Such Thing as a Lesbian with a Penis," "Member of TERF," "Notorious Transphobe," "Sorry About Your Dick Bro," emblazoned over the trans pride flag, "Trans Men Are My Sisters," "Trans Women Are Men" and many other transphobic sentiments.

Factoring in the many instances of recent questionable activity from Rowling, the time of plausible deniability about her TERF status appears to be long gone. As such, Twitter has responded to her promo post with heavy condemnation.

"Umm...have you...have you seen the rest of that site? It's vile. You're really not helping yourself here," one user wrote.

Another tweeted, "I thought you said you have trans friends whom you love...how then can you promote a website that actively denies their lived reality?"

Her latest misstep comes following a summer filled to the brim with transphobic activity, including alienating nearly every Harry Potter cast member and fellow author Stephen King. She also burned bridges with two of her fan clubs for her problematic response to the use of inclusive language in an article about support in the era of COVID-19 for people menstruate, in which she insinuated such language erases the "concept of sex" and thus removes "the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives."  

Back in June, Rowling also went on a 3,800-word rant, complaining about being "cancelled" for her TERF status — during Pride Month, of all times. Later, she compared hormone treatment to "conversion therapy for young gay people."

See the most recent offending post below.

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