Dave Foley Cast in 'Fargo' Season 5

Coming November 21

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Nov 10, 2023

Now that the Hollywood actors' strike is over, Dave Foley is pumped to finally share that he has a role in the fast-approaching fifth season of Fargo.

The comedian will play the character Danish Graves, as shared on the show's socials yesterday (November 9). "I can't overstate my excitement about being in Fargo season 5 and now that the strike is over I can make that statement," Foley wrote on Twitter.

Set to arrive November 21, Season 5 of Fargo will be set in North Dakota and Minnesota in 2019. It has been teased with the questions, "When is a kidnapping not a kidnapping, and what if your wife isn't yours?"

Actors Jon Hamm, Juno Temple and Jennifer Jason Leigh will play lead characters Roy Tillman, Dorothy "Dot" Lyon, and Lorraine Lyon, respectively.

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