Austin Butler Wanted to Be a Chef Until He Watched 'The Bear'

He's still down, just more worried

Photo courtesy of Apple TV+

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Mar 8, 2024

Working in a kitchen seems like it'll be all fun and games and free food until you watch Carmy scream at Sydney to "Get the fuck off my expo, chef!" on The Bear. At least, that's what happened to Austin Butler. 

Butler was promoting the Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks-produced World War 2 series Masters of the Air with his co-star Callum Turner when he revealed that, if his acting career hadn't worked out, he'd want to be a chef. 

"Was that before or after you watched The Bear?" Turner joked. 

"Way before ... actually, The Bear made me think that it's stressful," Butler said.

"It's a bad idea. Like, thank God I became an actor," Turner chimed in.

For his part, Butler said he thinks he'd be able to get past the stress based on vibes alone.

"It would be challenging, but I can imagine when you have a great night it would be exciting." 

Butler's been having quite the year thus far, dodging questions about his alleged Elvis voice on press tours for turns in both Masters of the Air and Dune: Part Two

Check out his full Elle interview with Callum Turner below.

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