Sara Hennessey, Garrett Jamieson and Sandra Battaglini Help Launch Comedy Records/Exclaim! Standup Showcase

Sandra Battaglini, Sara Hennessey and Garrett Jamieson perform at the upcoming Comedy Records Showcase.

BY James KeastPublished Oct 3, 2016

Canada's only exclusive standup and sketch comedy label, Comedy Records, recently teamed up with Exclaim! to launch the aptly named Comedy Records Showcase, which will take place on the first Thursday of every month at Wenona Lodge (1069 Bloor St. W) in Toronto. Showtime is at 9 pm sharp!
The first event takes place on Thursday, October 6. Helping to launch the night are Sara Hennessey, Garrett Jamieson and Sandra Battaglini. Let's meet the comics!
Sara Hennessey is an award-winning standup comedian, having been dubbed "best standup" in 2013 by the Canadian Comedy Awards. She's a member of Toronto troupe Laugh Sabbath, a star of Video On Trial, and her debut comedy, Trouble In Saradise, climbed to number one on iTunes upon release.
The Current Hennessey Wavelength
"I'm jamming hard on this 'back 2 school' vibe. It's a mega transitional time with the seasons changing, so it's fun to explore those initial feelings of excitement knowing nothing really ever comes of it. Part of me has an urge to collect leaves to try to be all 'autumn.' Then I'll just have a pile of sad disintegrating leaves in my apartment and someone slides a brochure about depression under my door."
Meet Cute Vs. Shut the Hell Up
"[At the Comedy Records Showcase] you experience smiles and hopefully have a pretty cute night.
People often ask me about hecklers and how I deal with them. But there hasn't been a lot of hecklers. If you really want to be a maniac and show off how annoying you can be to your Tinder date, just go to an MMA fight or the city dump."
Garrett Jamieson is a Winnipegger who got out, but maintains ties to Canada's finest city through his love of metal band KEN Mode. He's a painter and skinny jeans model when he's not on stage holding a microphone speaking funny words into it.
Where in the World is the Garrett Jamieson Headspace?
"Lately it has been family and hallucinogens. I also feel I have less testosterone flowing through my blood, so I'm more calm and clear-headed, but that could be also be due to the hallucinogens. I've been crying a lot more, whereas before I'd laugh more. 'A good cry is good for the guy,' I believe is the saying."
The Three Most Important Rules of Comedy:
"1: The rule of three.
2: Always say "just kidding" or "I'm joking" anytime you say something that is a joke, in case the audience might not get a joke or if the audience reaction is too quiet for your liking. Always blame the audience!
3: Most importantly… Never... no, that's it. I thought there were countless important aspects of standup comedy, but it turns out there are only two."
Complete this thought: KENMode is to metal as Garrett Jamieson is to…
"KENmode is not 'metal' they are a 'metallic hardcore-influenced noise rock band.' So I would complete the thought as follows: KENmode is to metallic hardcore-influenced noise rock as Garrett Jamieson is to comedic buffoon-influenced noise clown."
Sandra Battaglini is a standup comedian and cabaret performer who mixes opera and contemporary pop into a variety of theatrical endeavours. Her solo show Classy Lady won a Canadian Comedy Award in 2013 (having previously won for her show Hard Headed Woman). She's also a clown — like a proper, trained one, like on Baskets.
From what are you drawing comic inspiration lately?
"I used to work in advertising and marketing, so I'm always observing corporate messaging and advertising, 'cause a lot of it is so bullshit it's funny.

What's the most important aspect of standup comedy that no one ever talks about? 
"The most important aspect for me is to always remember why I'm doing it, and not get it confused with the business and political side of it. Those are both separate things. The least important aspect is the gossip."

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