​Louis C.K. Did Another Surprise Comeback Show

A month after his first attempted return, the disgraced comedian returned to the Comedy Cellar and put the club's new "swim at your own risk" policy to the test

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Oct 2, 2018

Despite the heated reaction to his last attempt, Louis C.K. is charging full-speed ahead with his comedy comeback.
The disgraced comedian, who admitted to allegations of sexual misconduct less than a year ago, appeared unannounced (again) at the Comedy Cellar in New York (again) to perform a late-night Sunday set (again) on September 30.
According to a report from Gothamist, two people did walk out of the set (and as per the venue's new "swim at your own risk" policy, their tabs were picked up by the house), but C.K.'s reception was largely enthusiastic. An audience member told the publication that a couple of his jokes were "borderline," including a bit about Old Navy selling "boyfriend shirts" to 9-year-old girls and a bit about being touched by his doctor.
Page Six, meanwhile, claimed that he didn't address the allegations against him during his set, and even cracked, "I've been off for a while, 'cause everyone needs a break."
The Hollywood Reporter has since shared an audio recording of the response C.K. received when he first walked on to the stage. Listen to that below.
Once again, the backlash on Twitter has been swift and savage. See some of the responses to C.K.'s latest comeback attempt below.

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