'Little Britain' Creators Apologize for Blackface Sketches

The series was recently removed from Netflix, BBC iPlayer and BritBox
'Little Britain' Creators Apologize for Blackface Sketches
Creators and stars of early-aughts comedy series Little Britain, Matt Lucas and David Walliams, have apologized for doing blackface on the show after the series was removed from streaming platforms earlier this week.

Amid continuing concerns of the show's depiction of Black and Brown people, and the use of blackface in certain sketches, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and BritBox all removed the series from their platforms last week. In addition to the series' takedown, Netflix also removed the duo's Come Fly with Me — a mockumentary series set in an airport that routinely saw offensive depictions of non-white people. BBC removed that series six months ago.

"David and I have both spoken publicly in recent years of our regret that we played characters of other races," Lucas wrote in a tweet posted last night (June 13). "Once again we want to make it clear that it was wrong and we are very sorry."

Walliams has also posted a similar statement to his own account.

Back in 2017, Lucas told Big Issue that he regretted his depictions of marginalized groups, saying that if given the chance to redo the show, "I wouldn't play Black characters. Basically, I wouldn't make that show now. It would upset people."

This week alone, Netflix has also pulled The Mighty Boosh, The League of Gentlemen and four Chris Lilley shows over their use of blackface and other racist depictions. Last month, old videos of Jimmy Fallon wearing blackface on Saturday Night Live surfaced, for which he later apologized. 

See Lucas and Walliams's statements below.