ZZ Top Hook Up with Rick Rubin, Black Keys For New Record

ZZ Top Hook Up with Rick Rubin, Black Keys For New Record
In an attempt to distance themselves from the admittedly hilarious image they established in the '80s (look no further than here for what we mean), Texas rock pioneers ZZ Top have reportedly signed with Rick Rubin's American Recordings and are preparing a new album, with Rick at the helm. According to a report from Billboard, last summer the band decided to work with Rubin because of his career-defining efforts with Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond. Presumably, they also wanted to see just how much beard could fit into one recording studio.

While no release date has been set for the record, front-man Billy Gibbons has recently revealed that they have been collaborating with modern blues rock duo the Black Keys on the new material. In an interview with Spinner Gibbons said, "They're [a] couple of really fresh blues-based rockers that truly say it."

Gibbons also went on to describe their working relationship with Rubin, stating, "We've enjoyed a friendship with Rick, which now includes an opportunity to focus our collective energy in a studio setting, which is actually more like bringing the live show into the room... The art of capturing the maverick rogue called 'live in the studio' is what Rick does so well - better than anyone."

ZZ Top released their Live From Texas CD and DVD late last year.

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