Yuck "Lose My Breath" (video)

Yuck 'Lose My Breath' (video)
Yuck's new Glow & Behold LP sticks to the band's '90s-styled approach to alt-pop, so it should be no surprise that the VHS cassette-celebrating video for album track "Lose My Breath" likewise has a throwback feel .

It's a pretty straightforward video, though it comes with an up-front warning that the strobing visuals could cause seizures.

For the most part we see a neon typeface of the band's name sitting centre frame, there is also a calming array of spiralling black plastic video tapes hovering in the background. Judging by the grainy, fuzzed-out effects that dip in and out of the clip, we're thinking some clown set those bad boys to an economical EP over the more hi-fi SP, though. If you're old enough to know what the hell that means, please proceed and watch the video in the player down below.