Yuck Cover Fugazi's "Cashout"

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jan 26, 2016

Yuck just revealed plans for their next LP, but before Stranger Things come our way next month, the band have prefaced their own new material with an homage to Fugazi classic "Cashout."
"This is my favourite Fugazi song from their 2001 album The Argument," singer and guitarist Max Bloom said in a statement. "The whole record is fantastic, but this song in particular stands out for me mainly because of its lyrics and how relevant it still feels more than a decade on. I'm not sure exactly what inspired Fugazi to make this song, but I imagine I share the same anger and frustration as they do."
Hear him and the rest of Yuck channel that aggression into a fresh take on "Cashout" in the player below.
Stranger Things is out on February 26 through Mame Records.

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