Young Guv Drops Retro Video for "Only Wanna See U Tonight"

The track is featured on his forthcoming record 'GUV III'

Photo: Celestino Alonso

BY Haley BenthamPublished Nov 30, 2021

Former Fucked Up member Ben Cook has dropped a new single "Only Wanna See U Tonight" and its accompanying video under his Young Guv moniker. The release follows the announcement of his upcoming double album GUV III and GUV IV, with the first installment due out on March 11 via Run For Cover Records/Hand Drawn Dracula

The track was written after Cook and his band were left stranded, mid-tour, in March 2020. They set up shop in the high desert mountains of New Mexico, at the home of a "friend of a friend." With little else to do, the writing of what would become GUV III and GUV IV began. After they set the writing in motion, the creative juices flowed nonstop.

"Within hours we had a little studio set up and this was the first song we came up remotely via WhatsApp with Tommy The Major who had escaped back to his home in Sudbury, Ontario," Cook explained in a press release. "I heard Tony strumming the first three chords of the chorus with a little bit of a melody from the kitchen and a couple hours later this song was done."

Replete with playful guitar and anthemic vocals, "Only Wanna See U Tonight" is undeniably retro, evoking nostalgia for simpler times. Directed by Faiza Kracheni and Cook himself, the track's video is equally old-school. Graininess is turned up to 100, resulting in shots resembling a motion picture filmed in the '40s — the black and white effect furthers this impression.

The video's only colour comes in the form of text introducing the video and Young Guv. These splashes of blue and pink remain in keeping with the retro vibes, as they call on the cheesiness of a vintage commercial. Cook and the band play throughout the scenes, complete with matching shades.

Sure to generate excitement for more upcoming releases, check out the "Only Wanna See U Tonight" video below.

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