Young Galaxy "Frontier" (video)

Young Galaxy 'Frontier' (video)
Young Galaxy are about to release their Down Time album, and to give it another push, they've shared a new video for LP track "Frontier."

The video was produced, directed, filmed and edited by rararacquiao and Young Galaxy's Catherine McCandless.

In a statement, McCandless had this to say of the clip:

I almost shot this video naked. It needed to be naked though, not me. I wanted a <> communication that didn't have a plan behind it.  We wrote the song Frontier and realized that it was, and is the manifesto for this album. Down Time grew around it. Frontier is the core and the data from which all the rest of the songs derive their meaning. It needed to be a stripped down signal coming in to a loved one. With a concept of intimate detail, high contrast, and work-like, utilitarian dress we shot a non-performance performance video featuring light, textures, bravery, and braun. I wanted to shoot a love letter that fortifies, works for change, and spills over in it's celebration of the place of this love.

You can watch the video for "Frontier" for yourself down below.

Down Time marks the follow-up to the band's 2015 album Falsework. It's out via Young Galaxy's own imprint on April 6.