Suicide Silence Want You to Pay Them $150 to Be Their "Roadie for a Day"

This takes "pay to play" to new levels
Suicide Silence Want You to Pay Them $150 to Be Their 'Roadie for a Day'
Artists have been finding inventive ways to take VIP concert perks past a simple meet-and-greet these past few years, but Suicide Silence's latest plan to provide fans with a unique concert experience has fallen dreadfully flat.

A bundle for the band's current North American tour allows fans to become a "Roadie for a Day" for the sweet price of $150 USD. That's correct — you pay for the band to put you to work for what they call "the experience of a lifetime."

Specifically, you'll get to "work along side the crew," before a "mingle with the band during sound check," in addition to a plate of team catering, a crew T-shirt, a sidestage spot during the band's set and a lanyard with the all-important credo: "Roadie for a Day, Lessons for a Lifetime."

To be frank, most unpaid internships sound better than this, and the internet knows it. As you can see below, plenty have come forward to flame the band for offering this ridiculous package.

Of course, the opportunity arrives after vocalist Eddie Hermida responded to allegations of sexual misconduct.