GoFundMe Launched for Taylor Young (God's Hate, Twitching Tongues) Amid Home Studio Eviction

The guitarist and producer has recorded bands like Drain, Militarie Gun, Rotting Out and Suicide Silence at the Pit for over 17 years

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Sep 18, 2023

Producer and guitarist Taylor Young (God's Hate, Twitching Tongues) has been evicted from his studio and home of over 17 years, the Pit.

In the description of a GoFundMe campaign started by Bo Lueders (Harm's Way), it was revealed that, last week, Young and his wife, Kylla, had been given 60 days notice to vacate the property in Van Nuys, CA.

Taylor has been consistently recording and mixing (and often housing) bands — including Drain, Militarie Gun, Rotting Out, Suicide Silence, Mindforce, Sunami and many more — from all over the world since 2011, making him and the Pit a vital part of California's hardcore, metal and punk ecosystem.

Lueders is aiming to fundraise $50,000 USD to aid the couple in rebuilding a new space, although he notes that they were adamantly against the idea.

"After personally witnessing the community come together during times of crisis and how beautiful it can be, I have decided to make this on their behalf," he wrote. "Every single cent donated will be entirely invested in rebuilding the Pit's new studio location and every single donor will play a vital role in every new piece of music that comes out of studio as long as it exists."

Check out the crowdfunding campaign below.

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