A Wilhelm Scream Working On Both A New Album and EP

BY Keith CarmanPublished Jan 6, 2022

Now this is the kind of work ethic we here at Exclaim! can get behind.

Melodic emotional hardcore quintet A Wilhelm Scream are currently in the studio working on both a new EP and full-length at the same time. How's that for commitment? That means they not only wrote a boatload of tunes but are hunkered down in the studio until all of it is complete.

Of course, if one reads between the lines, that just means they're recording what they've got and will split it up for release however they see fit. But let's give them the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

Neither album nor EP have titles or official release dates yet. The full-length will be the follow-up to 2007's widely acclaimed Career Suicide. The EP will be a follow-up to their forthcoming album. How's that for confusing things?

Those of you who are dying to know how it's going are urged to visit the band's website and download track "Route 40 One Six." It's actually on the Japan-only version of Career Suicide but it's something new to tide the non-Japanese contingent of fans over until they've had a chance to post new stuff.

Finally, for your information, did you know that the band's named is derived from a stock sound effect called a "Wilhelm Scream" that has appeared in hundreds of movies after originating in 1951? Being vastly overused, it has become an in-joke/cliché with the film industry. No comment on how poignant that is in regards to the band's music.

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