Wild Rivers 'Wild Rivers' (album stream)

Wild Rivers 'Wild Rivers' (album stream)
Earlier this year, Toronto-based indie-folk outfit Wild Rivers delivered a video for "Already Gone" in anticipation of their debut self-titled LP. And although Wild Rivers doesn't officially arrive until next week, Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive early listen to the record in its entirety right now.
The band began as the project of co-singer-songwriters Khalid Yassein and Devan Glover, but has since expanded to include the musical contributions of Ben Labenski on drums and Andrew Oliver on bass and guitar. Their debut full-length was recorded with Dan Hosh at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton, ON, and features additional instrumentation from Kirk Starkey on cello and Chris Altmann on pedal steel.
The final product is a melodic set of tunes that twinge with twang in just the right spots. From the upbeat jaunt of openers "Wandering Child" and "Blue June" to more morose affairs like "Mayday," the band serve up songs that wear their influences on their sleeve ("Paul Simon"), but still manage to put a refreshing spin on soft, folksy pop music.
Listen to Wild Rivers in the player below before it gets officially released on April 16 at the band's hometown Adelaide Hall show.

UPDATE: This stream was available for a limited time and has now been disabled.