Wet Leg Share Remix of "Chaise Longue" by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

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Photo: Hollie Fernando

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jan 6, 2023

Still riding on the high of "Chaise Longue" nearly two years later, Wet Leg have unveiled a remix of their breakout track wired by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Keeping nothing but the track's original vocals, the remix turns the song into a screeching dance number inspired by '90s industrial. Listen to it below. 

The band called the reworked track "kinda wild and kinda amazing" via their Twitter account, while UMO have boldly stated to keep quiet "until [I]'ve had my first cup of 'Chaise Longue Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix,'" which is a sentiment we can get behind.

Wet Leg have wasted no time since the release of their widely-celebrated self-titled debut — which was one of Exclaim!'s favourite albums of 2022 — releasing a variety of covers, as well as a demo of their track "Loving You" for the Good Music to Ensure Safe Abortion Access to All compilation.

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