Weird Weather Surface of the Moon

Easy and soulful, Weird Weather are a gentle young band helmed by Peterborough, ON's Nick Ferrio, whose cleverly arranged songs reverberate with hopeful emotion and a cautiously optimistic perspective. Joined by guitarist Jay Swinnerton and his mate in the Burning Hell, Mike "Twinkle-Fingers" Dugay, Ferrio has been cajoling Weird Weather into existence for some time but it has taken noted engineer/musician Andy Magoffin to properly capture the mood of the band. Ferrio's voice is high and mighty, winsome enough for mass appeal yet oddly dark, even as it earnestly shapes one cliché after another on the festively sardonic "Give Up the Ghost." He's the perfect figure for this age of dramatic folk voices, recalling Jim James or the boys in Fleet Foxes when he soars through songs like "On the Island." Somewhere between a junkshop and heaven, Weird Weather are a pleasant oasis worth exploring. (Independent)