Weezer Diss 'Pitchfork' on New Song "Tell Me What You Want"

"Don't be influenced by an office full of dorks"

Photo: Rick Clifford

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jun 10, 2021

Aside from a select few cheerleaders on their sideWeezer have spent most of their career at odds with rock critics. Now, what feels like 15 years too late, they've taken aim at indie snobs with a new song called "Tell Me What You Want."

The song is seemingly a reaction to the band's critics who are not pleased with the band no matter what direction they take. The song includes the line, "Don't be influenced by an office full of dorks / I won't mention any names [cough cough] Pitchfork."

Of course, dunking on Pitchfork is something that has been happening since the music site's inception, making Weezer seem a little out of touch for bringing it up now. That said, maybe it's taken Rivers a while to work up the courage. After all, in the song he sings, "This is a message that my manager wouldn't approve."

Even weirder, this shot at the music press takes place in a song that was exclusively written for the video game Wave Break, which will have a mode called "Weezy Mode" that will allow fans to stream the game on Twitch without worrying about a DMCA takedown notice. In other words, it's probably not the group of people who are concerned with the minutiae of indie rock journalism circa 2009.

But who cares, it's another fun little rock oddity in a career that's been full of them. Watch Weezer perform their new Pitchfork-bashing song on some kind of video game thingie below. The song will arrive properly tomorrow (June 11).

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