War Baby "Master Blaster" (video)

War Baby 'Master Blaster' (video)
Cold cuts and chaos are integral to Vancouver alt-punk trio War Baby's new video, an animated epic supporting Death Sweats single "Master Blaster." You'll find plenty of salted snacks and space battles in the clip, which is streaming exclusively through Exclaim!

The track is another junked-up explosion from the trio, full of post-Cobain screams and bending grunge licks. The tune backs a tale of a bearded space traveller, who encounters various floating monstrosities, including the dreaded "Meathead."

We'd say the latter's an unsavoury character, but band member and video director Brock Allen constructed the villain using real prosciutto. The clip also features a couple meaty fight scenes, a daring rescue, and, uh, doll sex.

"We laughed and then threw up a little in our mouths," the band said in a group statement.

Though not especially graphic, it might be worth considering the video NSFW. You'll find the "Master Blaster" video below.