Voivod "Kluskap O'Kom" (video)

Voivod 'Kluskap O'Kom' (video)
Canadian metal vets Voivod have a dance party interrupted by a monster in their video for Target Earth's "Kluskap O'Kom."

Partially inspired by Micmac lore, the video mixes shots of the band playing a woody soundstage with textured silhouettes of forest-locked dancers. Also stopping by to party is Kluskap, shown here as both a massive, hollow-eyed, branch-armed animated figure and as a roots-riddled latex creature, the latter being played by vocalist Denis "Snake " Bélanger.

"Sometimes described as a giant coming out of the woods, sometimes a monster in a lake or sometimes a powerful being that came from the sky, Kluskap is the name for this strange character and O'Kom is the place where he lives," Bélanger said in a statement. "Kluskap is inspired by a legend from a Canadian native tribe called the Micmacs. He once came to earth to kill all the dinosaurs in order to help the humans to take over the planet. One day Kluskap will come back with another mission to the humans."

"Kluskap O'Kom" was recently issued on a limited-edition 7-inch, and is also the focus of a new Voivod-inspired beer brewed up by Quebec's Hopfenstack.