Vitaminsforyou He Closed His Eyes... So He Could Dance With You

Six years and three albums into his career, fans and critics alike are still waiting for Bryce Kushnier to come into his own. With the Toronto, ON via Winnipeg, MB bedroom pop-ist's first two releases garnering attention and supporting slots for Amon Tobin and the Stills, Bryce seemed poised to release an album capable of catapulting his career into Plaskett territory. Unfortunately, He Closed His Eyes... is not that album. As songs like "Leave My Head Around" and the title track offer loose and rubbery melodies over Madchester piano beds, Kushnier's lyrics come off as too passionless and cliché for such perceived drama. As Bryce Auto-tunes on "Flesh Python," channels Junior Boys' sex appeal on "One Nite Stand" and straight up abducts the Knife's octave pedal for "The End," it's easy to understand why songs on He Closed His Eyes... never quite connect with the listener. Which is a shame because like most of Vitaminsforyou's work there's just enough there to keep you hopeful. (Raw Youth)