Viral "Dreams" Meme Creator Receives New Truck Full of Cran-Raspberry

Ocean Spray came through with the goods as thanks for keeping the vibes going
Viral 'Dreams' Meme Creator Receives New Truck Full of Cran-Raspberry
Nathan Apodaca is riding the viral meme wave all the way to success. Between Mick Fleetwood's major shout-out for his incredibly chill, cranberry-fuelled "Dreams" video and subsequently launching his own line of merchandise, the TikTok'er is getting a ton of recognition online. Now, Ocean Spray has taken notice and gifted the creator with a new truck filled with his favourite drink.

The juice company rode up to Apodaca's mobile home to deliver a truck bed full of Cran-Raspberry, and as a bonus, he gets to keep the truck. He's pretty stoked about it, considering before last month he was saving up to fix his own car.

Since his viral fame began in late September, Apodaca has been the recipient of around $10,000 worth of donations after revealing that he was living in his RV with no running water and that his car wasn't in working order. Hopefully, Ocean Spray's gift can help mend one of those problems.

Apodaca is helping out in his own way too; aside from making everyone happy with his chill videos, his viral "Dreams" TikTok helped the 1977 Fleetwood Mac song skyrocket back into the Rolling Stone Top 100 over the last week. The song's sales have also tripled since his video surfaced back in September.

Watch Apodaca receive his gift and recreate his viral video with a new set of wheels below.


Thanks for the new wheels ocean spray! 🙏. @tomhayes603 ##oceanspray

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