Vic Mensa "There's Alot Going On" (video)

Vic Mensa 'There's Alot Going On' (video)
There's a lot going on with Vic Mensa right now. Just last week, the Chicago rapper released a surprise EP called There's Alot Going On, and now he's offered up a new music video for the melodic title cut.

The video setup is quite simple, first presenting itself with an in-shadows Mensa pacing a fairly bare soundstage. Once the lights kick in, he starts rapping about his life, while also referencing older tracks like "U Mad." As the rhymer rifles off a series of lines, target practice-style pics from his past come scrolling through the scene.

You'll find the video, which ties into the cover art for the new EP, down below.

Mensa's There's Alot Going On is up for grabs as part of a voter awareness campaign. Even if you're not a U.S. citizen, you can sign up and "pledge to work for positive change" in your own communities. You can find out more info over here.