Veruca Salt "Laughing in the Sugar Bowl" (video)

Veruca Salt 'Laughing in the Sugar Bowl' (video)
Veruca Salt are seemingly ready to set the world ablaze with their reunion LP, Ghost Notes. Following last month's preview of album track "Laughing in the Sugar Bowl," the quartet have given the distorted power-pop track a flames-licked video clip.

The video finds the act blasting out the number together in some sort of antique shop cluttered with some fancy looking junk. In addition to seeing old pals Nina Gordon and Louise Post throw together fabulously entwined guitar harmonies and vocal melodies, we're privvy to the sight of a nostalgic diorama burning in reverse. "Don't look back," Gordon asserts, but it's kind of hard to miss the allusion to the band's classic American Thighs when it's just sitting there in front of us.

You'll find their scorching new single down below, while Ghost Notes arrives July 10 through El Camino Media.