Valery Gore "With the Future" (The Darcys Remix) / "Clean Break" (KiRRiN Island remix)

Valery Gore 'With the Future' (The Darcys Remix) / 'Clean Break' (KiRRiN Island remix)
Currently plying her craft in the UK, multitalented Canadian songsmith Valery Gore has offered up a pair of remixes of tracks from her excellent Idols in the Dark Heart to celebrate that album's one year anniversary.
First up is a reworking of synth-heavy single "With the Future" by recently downsized fellow Ontario art pop outfit, the Darcys, who straighten out the original's highly syncopated beat and layer Gore's chopped chorus refrain beneath the melody and dress it all in a beautiful melange of swooning strings, buzzing bass and hypnotic electronic textures.
The second is a much more abstract and low-key take on Idols song "Clean Break" courtesy of German multi-disciplinary "post-ambient" producer/illustrator KiRRiN Island.
You can hear both below and watch an odd video for the Darcys' version of "With the Future," which Gore cut together herself using archival footage from old movies.