Valery Gore "With the Future" on Exclaim! TV

Valery Gore 'With the Future' on Exclaim! TV
Toronto songwriter Valery Gore has been recognized by many for her wonderful blend of jazz and pop music, sonic textures, and her welcome ear for tasteful phrasing. Recently, Gore was able to show us that such high praise is well deserved, letting us sit in on a performance for an Exclaim! TV session.

In the Underground at the Drake Hotel, we watched Gore and her group play through "With the Future," taken from her latest record Idols in the Dark Heart.

Opening with twinkling synths, guitar, woodwinds, and a robust rhythm section, Gore's voice gently glides over top of the song's many layers. Supported by two backing vocalists, a delicate staccato chorus gives way to numerous solo sections before the piece's end. The chemistry between the musicians that make up her backing band is evident, as they masterfully play through the song's short instrumental moments in a synchronized fashion.

Watch the performance from Gore and her band in the player below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Nash Bussieres