U.D.O. 24/7

Riding high from the Accept reunion shows, here comes camouflaged German mini-man Udo Dirkschneider, with a solid back-up band in tow as always, for a teaser EP of new material. Pumping fans up for the release of Mission No. X — due out in October — this five-song EP will have fans of traditional melodic hard rock/metal excited and ready for the day’s cardio work/fist-pumping routines. The ludicrous title track describes, in glorious Teutonic metal detail, how Udo and his boys are rockin’ "Twenty-four hours/seven days a week,” and judging by how prolific they are, I have no doubts about that whatsoever. The only complaint is an obvious one: it’s a tried and true formula Udo delivers, be it in the glory days with Accept or on his countless solo albums. It’s either mid-tempo anthemic metal or speedy anthemic metal; for those keeping track, this EP veers more towards the mid-tempo side of things. It may be kind of cheesy at times, but damn it if this doesn’t make you feel happy and good to be alive. As always, another U.D.O. full-length is welcome and anticipated. (AFM)