​Two Previously Unheard U2 Songs Unearthed on the Band's Oldest Live Recording

Hear snippets of "In Your Hand" and "Concentration Cramp"
​Two Previously Unheard U2 Songs Unearthed on the Band's Oldest Live Recording
A U2 fan site has uncovered what is believed to be the oldest surviving live recording of the Irish band, and it features a couple of previously unheard songs.
ATU2 has come into possession of a tape recorded during an afternoon set at the Dandelion Market in Dublin on August 11, 1979. That precedes the bootleg of U2's set at the Cork Opera House on October 22, 1979, that was previously believed to be the oldest recording.
The newly unearthed tape was recorded by Pete McCluskey, who was a member of that day's opening act the Stougers. The tape sat forgotten for the last 40 years.
"I am pleased that I recorded the show, and hadn't realized the significance of it and its place in history until quite recently," he told ATU2.
The tape captures U2 before they had ever been in a recording studio, and it hears them performing songs like "Out of Control," "Stories for Boys" and "Shadows and Tall Trees," which eventually appeared on U2's debut album Boy.
In addition to other early songs like "Cartoon World" and "Street Missionary," two previously unheard tracks also appear in the setlist of the recording.
According to ATU2, "In Your Hand" had been mentioned in live reviews from around the start of the band's career, but a recording has never been released.
"Concentration Cramp," meanwhile, sounds similar to later demo track "Live My Life Tonight," though the lyrics differ greatly. A lyrics sheet for "Concentration Cramp" has previously been on display at the Hot Press Irish Music Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, but again, no recorded version has ever surfaced until now.
Listen to snippets of both "In Your Hand" and "Concentration Cramp" below.