Dave Grohl Had a Beautiful Day at U2's Final Sphere Show

Huge news for your dad

Photo: Kamara Morozuk

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Mar 4, 2024

U2's residency at the Sphere has finally come to a close after bringing joy to dads around the world for five months (including mine, who flew out to see them in January and won't stop talking about it). One of said fathers was Dave Grohl, who belted "Beautiful Day" from his seat at the band's final performance at the Las Vegas venue on Saturday (March 2).

With one hand holding his drink while his other waved around, he was truly having his girly-at-the-club moment. Good for him! Watch it below.

When he's not busy dancing to U2, Grohl has been keeping himself occupied by playing a supporting role on St. Vincent's upcoming record and constantly upping his music chops by finally learning what a major 7th chord is. 

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