Travis Scott "Antidote" (video)

Travis Scott 'Antidote' (video)
Travis Scott is roping us into his Rodeo world again, having just delivered a new music video for his recent studio LP's "Antidote." That said, it looks as if the rapper has skipped out on horse-breaking adventures this time around to keep it cool at a creepy DL carnival.

The rapper is seen here pulling up to a sketchy-looking fair full of caged dancers and insane clowns. Scott stalks the grounds, taking in an eyeful of neon sights and delivering AutoTuned bars in the middle of a wind-whipping late-night sandstorm.

While he could be partying during a natural disaster, the hip-hop video's hurricane may well be created by a driver's non-stop donut action.

Will "Antidote" be a cure-all for your pre-weekend jitters? You could at least give it a try by pressing play down below.