Trash Talk "The Great Escape" (video)

Trash Talk 'The Great Escape' (video)
Considering Trash Talk's new album is called No Peace, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the hardcore act's violent new video for "The Great Escape" finds the posse up to no good.

The cartoon clip finds caricatures of the band's Lee Spielman, Spencer Pollard and Garrett Stevenson vandalizing a convenience store and ganking a rather satanic looking bottle of booze before making their exit, much to the chagrin of a shotgun-toting shopkeeper.

After pounding down a few rounds of the neon-tinted hooch, the band undergo gruesome transformations into pot monsters, muscle-bound demons and blood-spitting psychopaths. The animated Spielman takes his own growl of "shave my head with a bottle" on the steamrolling song to heart, giving himself a bit of a Picard haircut in the process before the trio are torn asunder by various debris.

It's a rather intense experience, and you can drink up the bloodbath down below.