Tom DeLonge Begins Selling "Tom Was Right" Shirts

"Aliens F**king Exist"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Aug 4, 2023

Tom DeLonge has been taking a victory lap lately following a recent congressional hearing about unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). Finally armed with proof that aliens really might exist, the blink-182 singer-guitarist is congratulating himself by selling "Tom Was Right" shirts.

DeLonge is selling the shirts through his aerospace exploration company To the Stars... Academy of Arts & Sciences. The shirts — available in black, white or pink — read "Tom Was Right: Aliens F**king Exist." It's the same logo he posted last week following the congressional hearing.

The shirts are available from To the Stars' online store.

Back in June, DeLonge's blink-182 Mark Hoppus acknowledged that Tom was right, telling a crowd, "Everybody congratulate Tom DeLonge on being correct about aliens."

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