Mark Hoppus Acknowledges That Tom DeLonge Was Right About Aliens

The truth is out there

Photo: Karen K. Tran

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 20, 2023

Tom DeLonge may have written "Aliens Exist," but his bandmate Mark Hoppus hasn't always been quite so convinced, telling VICE back in 2016, "I don't think that aliens have visited us. I believe there's life out there of some sort, but I don't think they've come here and hung out." Now, however, Hoppus has changed his tune and acknowledged that DeLonge was right all along.

On Friday (June 16), Hoppus told the crowd at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles, "Everybody congratulate Tom DeLonge on being correct about aliens."

Hoppus is presumably referring to the videos of "unidentified aerial phenomena" that DeLonge's UFO-hunting organization To the Stars... Academy of Arts & Sciences released, which both the Navy and the Department of Defense confirmed were real. Watch a clip of the moment below, which was shared by Reddit user u/PopMart_1997.
Tom was right about aliens and Mark the skeptic acknowledged it tonight in L.A.
by u/PopMart_1997 in Blink182

Back in 2021, Exclaim! interviewed DeLonge, and the conversation touched on UFOs and government secrets. He said, "We still have material from a crashed craft in the '40s of unknown origin. We still have that material being studied with the US government."

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