Tink "Medicine" (video)

Tink 'Medicine' (video)
Living well is the best revenge, and Chicago hip-hop artist (and Timbaland protégé) Tink is embodying this old maxim with her breakup-themed video for "Medicine."

The clip begins with Tink getting harassed with repeated calls from an ex, who is saved on her phone as "Irritating." The rapper continues to screen the hapless schlub's calls while getting her makeup done and dancing around at a photo shoot. This serves as the perfect visual accompaniment to Tink crooning about giving the man a "taste of your own medicine," and she ultimately declares, "I'm over your fucking game / 'Bout to re-up in the truck and do me today."

This track comes from Winter's Diary 3. Watch the clip below [via Noisey].

Tink's official debut album, Think Tink, is still forthcoming.