This New Version of Smash Mouth's "All Star" Sounds Like Hell on Earth

This New Version of Smash Mouth's 'All Star' Sounds Like Hell on Earth
Stylized by fake Oakleys and flame-emblazoned silk bowling shirts, everything about the post-ska radio rock of late '90s anti-heroes Smash Mouth seems outdated. In fairness, when they're not being pelted with bread or desecrating legacies, the band is mostly seen campaigning for Hillary on Twitter. And yet their dorky karaoke hit "All Star" lives on in infamy.

The song has been covered, reimagined and celebrated in just about every way imaginable, making it an integral piece of the wonderful tapestry of American pop culture. Still, people continue to find new inspiration in its goofball lyrics and faux-rapped delivery.

Most recently, a Tumblr user has remixed "All Star" to make it sound like every member of the band is playing slightly askew of one another. Theoretically, it's funny in the same way that CNN interview delays are funny. 

That said, this song also sounds like a living hell on earth and will make you wish that you could rewind time and never have clicked this post to begin with. Enjoy!