These New Puritans Announce 'Expanded' Live LP

BY Josiah HughesPublished Sep 8, 2014

Earlier this year, UK pop experimenters These New Puritans treated their Field of Reeds LP to a live performance at the Barbican in London. That performance was recorded, and will now be treated to a proper release.

Like the show, the release is called Expanded. That's because it saw the group expand on their sound exponentially, performing with a 35-piece band, as well as with Elisa Rodrigues and Synergy Vocals. The set included all of Field of Reeds, along with some older material.

In a press release, These New Puritans frontman Jack Barnett said that Expanded is "as definitive as the studio album," adding, "It's like putting on a broadway show, lots of people, meetings, plans, schedules. I'm just as interested in that side of it, really."

Now that this Expanded project is ready for release, Barnett also said he can focus on the band's next proper album. "But now we've finished it and I've had a week off so I've got bored so we're starting on new stuff," he said. "But first I've got to go through all the dictaphone recordings I've amassed over the last few months, lots of me mumbling an idea at four in the morning, and sort through them and work some of them up, then we'll have a clean slate to work from."

Expanded (Live at the Barbican) will be released on October 20. The CD and digital versions of the LP will arrive via Infectious Music, with the vinyl slated for release through The Vinyl Factory.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.


1. Intro Tape
2. The Way I Do
3. Fragment Two
4. The Light In Your Name
5. Island Song
6. Spiral
7. Organ Eternal
8. Nothing Else But This
9. Dream
10. Field of Reeds
11. Three Thousand
12. We Want War
13. Spitting Stars 

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