The Smiths' RSD Single Has a "Trump Will Kill America" Etching

Morrissey aims to be a thorn in the president's side
The Smiths' RSD Single Has a 'Trump Will Kill America' Etching
The Smiths broke up 30 years ago, but they're still finding new ways to make political statements. For Record Store Day (April 22), Morrissey and company released an archival 7-inch single, and buyers have discovered that it comes with a jab at President Donald Trump.

The record features unreleased versions of "The Boy with the Thorn In His Side" and "Rubber Ring," and the run-out groove features an etching with the words "Trump Will Kill America." Several buyers have posted photos on social media.

This message is very on-brand for Morrissey, who never pulls any punches where politics are concerned. The Smiths were known for targeting world leaders; the work title for their 1986 classic The Queen Is Dead was Margaret on the Guillotine (in reference to then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher).

See a couple of photos of the etching below.